Saturday, May 3, 2008

My thoughts on Iron Man

I went to see the sneak preview of Iron Man this past Thursday evening. After a day or two of absorbing the flick, I figured I'd finally get down to writing my thoughts on it (Being a super comic-book geek and all).

Prior to leaving for the theater, I checked and found that it was at an impressive 96% (currently 94%). I haven't felt this good about a superhero flick since Batman Begins. I knew Robert Downey Jr. would be the perfect casting choice but this reassured my faith in Jon Favreau towards bringing Tony Stark/Iron Man to life on the big screen.

I won't recap the entire film but I'll point out a few things. On a good note, I forgot all of the actors name's halfway through the movie and only saw them as their characters. Usually, thats a tough problem for me especially when watching a superhero flick with A-list actors. Robert Downey Jr. definitely gave me what I expected and assumed the playboy-ish/billionaire role of Tony Stark with ease. Gwyneth Paltrow's quirkiness was precisely what the character of Virginia "Pepper" Potts is and what she means to Tony Stark, as a human being. Terrence Howard supports his friend Tony, unconditionally. However, he'll have a much bigger role in the movies to come.

I never saw Jeff Bridges as a villain nor did I know much about Obediah Stane. After researching, I found that he did exactly what he was instructed to do by Favreau and did a damn good job at it. Plus, the bald head and beard helped. LOL.

Overall, the script was surprisingly strong and the entertainment/action level was well balanced. Definitely in my top 3 of best superhero films (along with Batman Begins & Spider-Man 2) but I won't say where it specifically ranks. It'll be cool to see War Machine and the Mandarin come to life in the movies to come as well as tackle Tony Stark's alcohol issues. Go see this movie and make sure to stay after the credits for a surprise bonus scene. I think I'll see it one more time.

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