Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Solitude has arrived...

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Isaac DeLima, aka DJ I-DEE, has carved out a name for himself in the world of scratch music, having already conquered the battle scene by winning three of its most prestigious titles--the Disco Mix Club (DMC) USA Supremacy, Scribble Jam and Gong World Supremacy--all within six months of each other and by the age of 19. Past winners include internationally recognized names including DJ Q-bert, Mixmaster Mike and DJ Craze. At age 20, he decided to leave his battle career behind and focus on creating new music by using the skills he developed as a deejay. And now, a seasoned DJ and performer at the age of 21, DJ I-DEE will release his debut full length album of original material SOLITUDE via Adiar Cor Records on August 26.

DJ I-DEE is constantly searching for new and innovative ways to blur the lines between genres. His winning performance at the DMC USA Supremacy saw him mix hip hop, hard rock, 80's pop and Darth Vader all while entertaining the crowd with his incredible stage presence. SOLITUDE connects with listeners on a musical level that's not strictly catering to hip-hop or turntablism fans but lovers of all genres. He honors the past with his style of producing, while still maintaining a new sound.

SOLITUDE features guest appearances by Royce Da 5'9", C-Rayz Walz, Ill Insanity, Tamu and Rites of Ash. One collaboration that isn't on the album is his stellar track with indie hip-hop's leading female rapper Jean Grae and South Florida-based rapper Wrekonize, "The Right." The samples on the track were not cleared for the album but the song can be downloaded at www.myspace.com/djidee. A take-off of the video game sample found throughout the song, the innovative video follows Wrekonize and Jean Grae trapped in a video game world. The video will premiere today, August 4 on I-DEE's MySpace page.

DJ I-DEE began his DJ career at the age of 10, growing up in suburban Washington DC, where he would sneak into his older brother's room and practiced scratching using his turntables when he was out of the house. He began battling in 2002, leading to his victories in 2006. Since retiring from battles, he has moved on to perform his signature sets, including live DVD mixing, around the world in places such as England, the Czech Republic, South America, Taiwan and China. DJ Q-bert recently said of I-DEE, "…just as b-boys are dancers, I-Dee reminds us that DJs are entertainers."

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SOLITUDE Track Listing
3. ECLECTIC DREAMS feat. Rites of Ash
6. 1991
7. BRUTALLY RAW feat. Ill Insanity
8. EXPLOSION featuring Royce Da 5'9", C-Rayz Walz & T.A.M.U


DJ I-Dee - The Right (feat. Jean Grae & Wrekonize)
**originally in between "Marble Oasis" and "1991"

DJ I-Dee - "The Right" (feat. Jean Grae & Wrekonize) HD from DJ I-Dee on Vimeo.

DJ I-Dee - "The Right" BEHIND THE SCENES from DJ I-Dee on Vimeo.

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